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Girls hockey players have one of the highest injury rates of all sports. And in the case of certain injuries, such as concussions, girls hockey injury rates are twice as high as boy’s hockey and three times as high as football. Which is pretty amazing considering that girls hockey doesn’t allow body checking.

Usually when we talk about dealing with injuries, we focus only on the physical side of recovery. I spent my entire high school and college career struggling through injuries, and I completely understand how tough it can be from a physical perspective.

But what about the mental side of injuries? How can players stay focused and confident when they have an injury that might prevent them from playing for a long period of time?

In terms of staying focused and confident, remember that being injured doesn’t change what kind of player you are and what you are able to bring to the team. I know – nothing sucks more than having to watch your teammates play from the stands. Every player wants to be out on the ice and be the “go to” player. But don’t underestimate the tremendous contribution you can make to your teammates by remaining positive and supporting them in any way you can.

Dealing with injuries is never easy but they do give you a terrific opportunity to be the best teammate possible, and the effort you put into helping out others will come back to you in spades once you are back on the ice.

Stay positive, support your teammates and hopefully you will be back out on the ice with them soon.

What strategies do you use to deal with injuries? If you are a coach – how do you keep that player feeling involved in the team? If you are a parent – how do you keep your daughter upbeat and positive? If you are a player – how do you make the most of your break from the ice?

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