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Best Hockey Girl Movies

Have you ever had those times when you just felt like sitting down and watching a hockey themed movie? With female characters? If yes, HockeyGirlz has got just the thing.

In this article, we will be giving you a list of female hockey themed movies that we think you would enjoy—with honest, sincere reviews

Lace Bite (2012)

As hockey girls, we already know that we’re awesome, but if you’re looking for proof, then may I present to you Lace Bite: A 68 minute documentary on how 40 women dedicated an entire year of their lives to fighting for a cause they strongly believed in.

Filmed in 2012 in British Columbia, Canada, this documentary centers around “The Longest Hockey Game 4 CF”, an event that raised $166,000 for cystic fibrosis research and made the national news.

Just like in any game, the women couldn’t go into it thinking that there was even a possibility of failure, and their support for each other—both their teammates and opponents—played an instrumental role in their success. By accepting that they were a part of something much bigger than themselves, they put aside their competitiveness and did not let themselves be discouraged—even when the score was 1372 to 978.

A true depiction of the inner strength of hockey girls, this documentary is a must-see if you are ever in your feels.

Themes: dedication, passion, support.

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Go Figure (2005)

This Disney Channel Original teen drama centers around a 14 year old figure skater named Katelyn who dreams of joining the US Olympic team.

She is discovered by a famous Russian skating coach, Natasha Goberman, however the only way for Katelyn to attend her classes is if she accepts a hockey scholarship to a private boarding school. Over the course of the movie she learns how to balance hockey practice, skating lessons, and her homework, and she plays a vital role in her hockey team’s success. In the end she is forced to choose between her new passion (hockey) and her original love (figure skating).

This movie isn’t terrible—if you are 12 years old or younger. It’s loaded with frustratingly outdated stereotypes and the acting is painful to watch. All the girls on the hockey team are portrayed as unwashed Neanderthals, while all the girls on the figure skating team are portrayed as backstabbing nightmares. The plot is riddled with holes, I mean, who gives a full hockey scholarship to someone who can’t even play hockey? The only good thing about this movie is that the main female protagonist’s character development wasn’t based on a half-romance with a male character.

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Hockey Mom (2004)

(otherwise known as “Chicks with Sticks”)

This romantic comedy takes place in a small town in Alberta, Canada, where a single mom finds herself agreeing to a “guys vs girls” hockey match. The main protagonist, Paula, is freshly divorced and hard for cash, and she’s got just four weeks to put together a winning team and prove to the rest of the town that she’s still got it. By “it”, I’m referring to her hockey skills, which were once so good that she almost made the Canadian Olympic team.

The acting isn’t terrible, in fact, it’s pretty good. My only criticism is that the script could have tried to be less cliche. To sum up this movie in a few words, it’s unrealistic yet charming.

Hockey Night (1984)

This 80s classic is a must see. Set in yet another small town in Canada, the main female protagonist, Cathy Yarrow, moves with her mother (newly divorced) and her younger sister to Parry Sound, Ontario, where she tries out for the boys hockey team (there is no team for girls).

She is made goalie, and the boys on the team are supportive of her, especially when certain club managers try to get her kicked out. There are no major plot twists or dramatic obstacles that she must overcome, but rather the film choses to focus on smaller, more relevant issues of that time (sexism in sport). The characters are teenagers, and the actors who portray them are also teenagers, which makes this movie appealing to younger audiences. Directed by Paul Shapiro and available to watch on YouTube, Hockey Night is a must see for any aspiring female hockey player.

The Hockey Girls (Netflix series)


This Spanish coming-of-age drama is set to the background of a girl’s roller-hockey team as they progressively improve their skills and make it all the way to the finals of their league. The show starts off with the girl’s coach announcing that he’s leaving them to train the Olympic roller-hockey teams—right before their season starts. When their club’s director refuses to find them another coach and tries to cut the girl’s team from the club altogether, their public protests go viral.

A common theme throughout the storyline is the classic boys vs. girls trope, and the show writers do not shy away from topics like #metoo, gender discrimination, teenage sexuality, the pressures of social media, overbearing parents, grief, and mental health. Like any Netflix Original that centers around teenagers, the plot is ridiculously dramatic, to the point where you both love and hate it. Only 13 episodes, each 50 minutes long, The Hockey Girls is sure to be renewed for a second season.

Subtitles come in English, French, Spanish, Italian, and Catalan, and it is dubbed in English, Portuguese, Spanish, and Catalan.

Take Off 2 (2006)

This Korean film follows a North Korean defector, Ji-won, as she helps train her team to be the first female Korean ice hockey team for the Olympics. The film follows them and their transformation from hopeless beginners to hockey sensations. The hockey scenes are shot beautifully, and the dialogue in the film manages to be funny without demeaning the female characters.

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