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Over the NHL All-Star weekend, girls from the Vegas Jr. Golden Knights participated in the launch of the new NHL Street program, bringing street hockey to kids ages 4-17 around North America.

Hayden Rom, 12, and Jamie Madsen, 12, took part in the competition at the Fan Fair with their 12U AA ice hockey team. It was a change of pace for them, taking place on a smaller street hockey rink rather than a full-size ice rink they usually play on.

Jamie loves, “being able to play the game more freely with friends,” as they competed in five 20 minute games, each representing one of the 32 clubs in the NHL. Hayden says, “My favorite part was that we were able to play against other teams and not on ice like how we normally would.”

Despite the differences between the girls’ ice hockey team and the street hockey competition, the girls emphasized how important street hockey is to growing the sport for kids and especially young girls like them.

“I think street hockey could help grow the game for other girls like me because people could notice us playing and be super impressed and could possibly tell their friends who’ll tell their friends and so on from there. Some young girls who have been wanting to play could hear this, or watch it from the news, and take the opportunity to play,” Hayden explains.

A benefit of street hockey is that it is more affordable than ice hockey, which opens more doors for lower-income families. Jamie says, “I think street hockey can help because it’s giving them an opportunity for a cheaper option.”

Not only did the girls have a great time at the competition, but they also got to experience the NHL Fan Fair for the first time. Jamie loves, “how it was all things hockey and I could do it for fun with my friends.”

The Fan Fair featured interactive hockey-themed games and prizes as well as the NHL Street competition and a Stanley Cup meet-and-greet. Hayden says, “My favorite part was the shooting games. It was fun practice, and I got prizes if I got the right targets!”

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