Hockey is for everyone. We're here to prove that.

For a long time women's sports have been ignored and underestimated, and such is no different in women's hockey. HockeyGirlz is an organization dedicated to promoting and supporting female hockey in all aspects.

How can we help Women?
With your collaboration!

Here we provide a community for female hockey players. A place created by women for women; our community is here to provide you with tips and resources (from certified hockey coaches) that will help you be the best ice hockey player you can be.

Why we do what we do? To empower.

We are here to empower and inspire young girls with an interest in hockey. We want to help you learn this amazing sport in a community where you feel supported. We believe in you so that you can believe in yourself.

Want to improve your game?
We can help.


Tips and tricks to improve your game as a forward player.

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Tips and tricks to improve your game as a defense player.

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Tips and tricks to improve your game as a goalie.

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Want to live the hockey life?
Here's all you need.


Tips and tricks on how to live like a hockey player.

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The most recent events going on in the female hockey world.

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Interesting and memorable moments from female hockey games

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Easy hockey-related things you can do at home

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Find coaches

Awesome coaches to help you with your hockey journey

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Inner Game

Have a champion's mindset and be mentally prepared for a game

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