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How to build a Slideboard

A Slide board is a tool widely used by a variety of sports (especially hockey) to improve skating stride, strength and endurance.

It is a great strength and conditioning tool, as it mimics the conditions of the hockey rink and allows you to strengthen core skating muscles.

Slide boards also have a number of benefits, such as:

  • Enabling development and improvement in fundamental skating skills

  • Strengthening muscles to enhance skating ability

  • Helping to improve stickhandling and tactical abilities

  • Improving skating speed

  • Providing a convenient alternative to the gym or ice rink.

As we all know, Slide Boards don’t come cheap and can end up leaving quite a dent in your pocket.

In order to avoid this, HockeyGirlz, in partnership with AdvantEDGE Goaltending, has found a cheaper and easier way for you to build your very own slide board.

Watch how to build your very own slide board:


This is a simple and cheap(under $60) hockey slide board.

You will need:

  • A Melamine board (preferably 4’ by 7’ piece)

  • 1.5” deck screws

  • 2 x 6 boards( cut to the width of the ends of your board)

  • Liquid nails

  • Liquid cement

  • Clamps


Turn the melamine board upside down over a workbench or 5 gallon buckets distributed evenly (because they are heavy.)

Place a T pattern of liquid cement with a line down the middle on each of your end boards.

Attach them to the right side of your melamine then clamp them.

Leave the clamps and board to set overnight( ideally, make sure your room temperature matches that which is specified on your glue product and time frame for full curing)

Once done setting, turn it right side up and have some fun training!

I wear painter booties on my shoes to serve as slide board booties. If this is not your preference, you could just buy a pair at your local sports store.

Pro tips:

For reference, my board is on an epoxy grit floor and I have no issues sliding on it. On the contrary, the board was sliding under me on concrete flooring.

If you would like to secure it, I would suggest you anchor through the 2 x 6’s into the ground.

To make your slide board more slippery, use furniture polish and pad kream to treat it.

To protect your slide board and keep it clean, I suggest you use Pledge. It works wonders! Keeping your slideboard clean is important, as any dust or dirt buildup will affect your slide.

Happy sliding!

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