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Hi! My name is Alero Eribo, I am 16 years old and the founder of the HockeyGirlz organization.

Originally from Nigeria, I moved to Québec, Canada in 2018. A year later, I moved to the French school system, and that’s where this journey began.

I actually got interested in ice hockey while researching for a school project. The whole point of this project was to help me understand French culture and assimilate into it. So, we were divided into teams and given different tasks to work on. Mine was sports. I did a quick google search and as expected, ice hockey was the first thing that came up!

Coming from West Africa, I had no idea what ice hockey was, or what it was about. Plus, I didn’t even like sports! However, something about hockey just clicked within me and right then and there, I knew I was in love.

In my early stages of learning hockey, I was unable to receive formal hockey training, or coaching on how to skate. Many of the leagues I reached out to told me that I could not try out for their teams or play in them due to my age and inexperience.

This was devastating to me, and for a while I considered forgetting about hockey. However, my intrigue for this foreign sport would not let me let it go. Soon, I started teaching myself how to ice skate and later I was able to cross paths with some amazing coaches who took me under their wings and taught me the basics of hockey. Huge thank you’s to Litta, Phil, Miss Pearle and Coach Kathleen. I appreciate you!

Despite help from these amazing people, playing hockey has definitely not been a walk in the park. Being a female and woman of colour, I have received a lot of discontentment from people around. I thought for a while that it was because of my inexperience, but I have come to realize that some people just believe that I shouldn’t be on the ice, period. It is these types of experiences that drove me to found this organization.

With months of research and compilation, my team and I here at HockeyGirlz have partnered with a number of affluent female hockey coaches, players and pioneers to bring female hockey players tips, advice, drills, and workout routines to help you be the BEST you can be, and further this game for women.

In addition to our website, we are also working on a number of ways to provide access to hockey to girls around the world. We are able to do this through our virtual programs (click here to find out more)and our hockey development projects (click here for more information)

Our goal is to create a safe space for female hockey players to talk about their concerns, improve their game, receive beneficial advice and most importantly, have a female hockey community to feel at home in.

Enough about me, here’s my wonderful team who’s making this all come true:

Carolyn M. Denton: Columnist, HockeyGirlz organization

Laju A. Eribo: Correspondent, HockeyGirlz organization.

Omar Abouelmagd: Video technician, HockeyGirlz organization.

Sianna Gerelus: Content Creator, HockeyGirlz organization.

Caelan Macdonald: Content creator, HockeyGirlz organization.

Emily Ferguson: Content Creator, HockeyGirlz organization

Danielle Sachs: Content creator, HockeyGirlz organization

If you appreciate what we do and would like to help or be involved, email ([email protected]) or head to our contact page and we will get back to you real quick. Don’t be shy, all types of contributions are welcome!

Sending you tons of hearts and hockey pucks, Alero