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5 off-ice drills

Ever had those times when you’re in a place where you don’t have access to proper off-ice training equipment but you want to get a quick workout in?

If the answer is yes, then you’ve come to the right place!

Did you know that your hockey stick, yes your hockey stick, is enough equipment for a full workout?

In this article, HockeyGirlz, in partnership with TorontoSix pro player Taylor Woods and Vanessa Magsimo(@mission.hky) will be giving you 5 drills that you can do with just a hockey stick.

Here we go!


This drill re quires you to have quite a bit of stamina, as you will be doing a lot of jumping.



This is an example of a simple quick feet workout that has an added chest rotation and then a reaction sprint.

We practice a lot with everything square, but for the most part, we are moving out of this box.


  • Diagonal Cross Overs - 2 sets/side x 0:08-0:10

  • T Diagonal Cross Unders - 2 sets/side x 0:08-0:10

  • Fwd Step Over/Backs - 2 sets x 0:08-0:10

  • Lateral Step Over/Backs - 2 sets/side x 0:08-0:10


This drill will work on your speed and agility.

EQUIPMENT: Hockey Sticks (4), cones


Line up your hockey stick with other standard sticks, or other hockey sticks.

Provide a reasonable distance between the sticks.

Run forwards and backwards from one stick to the other( vertically, as shown in video.

Run between the sticks as fast as you can in a horizontal fashion.

From one end of the lined up sticks, jump, and try to land at the other end.

Using a skater jump, try to land at the other end of the stick.

Put two cones at a reasonable distance from each other, and shuffle between them.


This drill will get your heart racing!

NOTES: Here is a round of some stick footwork drills. Remember, these drills will challenge your precision and make you change the angle and distance with every jump.



  • SL 4 Skier + Diagonal - 2 sets/side x 3 of complex

  • SL 4 Skier + Diagonal + Turn - 2 sets/side x 3 of complex

  • DL Circle - 2 sets/way x 3

  • SL Circle - 2 sets/side/way x 3

Exercise 4- KEEP MOVING

This drill will keep your feet moving!

NOTES: Using a hockey stick for footwork changes the angles you have to jump compared to 5 dot, box pattern, or hurdle hop. Precision in jumping and landing will make you move easier and simply.



  • DL 4 Skier + Diagonal - 3 sets/side x 3 of complex

  • DL 4 Skier + Diagonal + Turn - 3 sets/side x 3 of complex

  • SL Figure 8 - 3 sets/side x 3

Exercise 5- SL SQUATS

Single Leg Squats are a staple for hockey players because, well, we are always on one leg. It takes balance, coordination, stability, mobility, and strength to do but here are some progressions that you can use to become better at them.

  • Assisted/Unassisted SL Squat Hold

  • Eccentric Only SL Box Squat

  • Assisted SL Squat

  • Above Parallel SL Box Squat

  • SL Squat

  • Below Parallel SL Box Squat

  • SL Box Squat with Tempo

  • SL Box Squat on Uneven/Unstable Surface

  • Weighted SL Squat

  • Combination/Creative Tricks

The videos shown are me performing Weighted SL Squats (progression #9) and a SL Squat Balancing on a KB while juggling (progression #10).

Weighted SL Squat – you can perform with a weight vest, DBs, KB, etc. anything that will add extra weight to your body. I personally like to use weight vests.

SL Squat with Balance + Juggling – For this one, you can use any elevated (stair, chair, step, bench, etc.) and/or unstable surface. After when you get a couple SL Squats, add in a hand-eye element with stickhandling, or throwing.

Try to complete 3-4 sets of 6-8 reps per side to start.

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