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How To Buy and Size Goalie Gloves

Hey goalies! A lot of parents and fellow goalies have asked me how to pick out gloves and what the differences are in options like single-T/double-T, skate lace vs cord pockets, getting intermediate internals with a senior glove, and closure angles 60 vs 90. So here are the answers to your questions!

I forgot to touch the single-cuff and double-cuff for gloves.

A single-cuff will be stiffer but there will be no gaps in protection on the wrist and pucks that hit the cuff are more likely to direct into the pocket. A double-cuff will allow more movement especially while corralling a puck in the pocket (think bending your wrist while palm out and fingers up-pull your fingers back towards your body-this is the motion that a double-cuff allows more of).

However, a double-cuff potentially has gaps in protection on the wrist and may pop more rebounds out. I have played with both and I prefer the single with a skate lace pocket and 60 degree closure as well as intermediate internals on a senior glove =) that’s my spec-what’s yours?

Watch|Dana Timm on How to buy and size goalie gloves

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