Tips and tricks to help you be a better goalie.

Top 5 basic skills you need to play hockey

Just starting out? Or want to practice the Fundamentals? Here are the top 5 basic moves and how to do them, that are essential to Hockey skating!

Few tips before we begin:

BEND YOUR KNEES, this will help you be more stable and less likely to fall and will help you skate.

Wear a helmet when you are first starting to avoid head injuries.

5- Marching and starting to skate

The first time you get on the ice can be scary but one thing to keep you moving is marching. This is the first step to get you to skate fast! One foot up at a time, just like marching off ice. As you get faster, take longer between each march and you'll be skating in no time.

4- Stopping

If you can skate (or at least march for now), you need to know how to stop! The first stop you can do is called a snowplow stop. All you have to do is push both feet out at the same time to stop.

The second stop is one that is most commonly used and is called the Hockey stop. This stop can be performed on either the left or right side.

3- Swizzles

Swizzles are another fun way to skate forward and back. You start your swizzle with your heels together. Then push out and end with your toes together. This can be done backwards as well! For backwards, just start with your toes together and end with your heels.

2- Backwards Wiggles

Want to start skating backwards but don't know how? Backwards wiggles are a great way to start! It's just like doing a dance move but on ice. Just shift your body side to side. With your feet try to make a sort of c shape.

1- Stride it out!

Once you have tried marching and have got it down. Try striding it out. It is basically bigger and longer marches.

Goalie Drills-Rebounds and Breakaways


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