Tips and tricks to help you be a better defense player.

How to be a great Defense player

Defensive players are one of the most important players in any sport, and such is no different in Women’s Hockey. Sometimes called D, D-men(but in this case, D-women ;) or blueliners, they play a very crucial part in the game.

In this article, we will break down the roles of a defense player and tell you how to dominate this role on the ice. First of, I’m sure you’re wandering; what does a defensive player actually do? Well, from the term defense, we can guess that their job is to protect. Their sole responsibility is to protect the puck and stop the opposing team from scoring. In order to be a great defensewoman and be an asset to your team, there are a number of things you should be doing.


  • Blocking shots (sometimes we have to take one for the team)
  • Positioning properly (defensive positioning) which is between the puck carrier and the net.
  • Thinking fast and thinking smart: Anticipate where the puck will go, and get there before it does.
  • Possessing great team communication skills: Think she’s about to make a pass? Get in position!
  • Making clean passes; we don’t want your shot getting intercepted so easily do we?
  • Looking where and to who you’re passing. That’s a common mistake players make.
  • Battling it out in the corners; if you don’t go get it, who will?!
  • Protecting the front of the net.
  • Having a good shot.
  • Creating breakouts from the defensive zone.
  • Possessing top notch skating skills, especially backwards.

After reading all these important defensive skills, do you think you are a great defense player? Check out the points to see what level you’re on!

  • 3/11 points- Level 1
  • 5/11 points- Level 2
  • 7/11 points- Level 3
  • 9/11 points- Level 4
  • 10/11 points- Level 5
  • 11/11 points- You’re a BOSS

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