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Is fast food before a hockey workout a good idea?

This is something most of us do more times that we’d like to admit.

In this article, Total female hockey director, Kim McCullough will give her thoughts on eating fast food before a game.

Fast Food Before A Hockey Workout?

Yesterday morning, I did something I haven’t done in at least 5 years…I went to Tim Horton’s for breakfast!

Usually when I head off to “Timmy’s” in the morning, I just order my usual medium black coffee and that’s it. But yesterday I was heading out on a long training ride in two hours and I needed to put some fuel in my tank before hitting the trails.

Ideally I would have had my usual oatmeal with fruit and yogurt before leaving the house, but I completely forgot yesterday.

I found an apple that I just happened to leave in the car from the day before, but I knew that wasn’t going to be enough to get me through the workout.

So there I was standing at the Tim Horton’s counter trying to choose something that would give me a ton of energy for my ride and not leave me feeling hungry after an hour.

I know…most fast food meals are full of fat, calories, cholesterol and sodium, and generally have very little nutritional value.

But I needed to grab something before heading out on my bike, and Timmy’s was my only option for miles.

So here’s what I ate:

  • One medium black coffee (as always)

  • A whole grain bagel, with egg, tomato and lettuce

  • My apple from the car

Now I know that the egg inside the bagel is not fresh at all – it is cooked long before it gets put on my bagel. But I needed to make sure that I got some protein into my body so that I had more energy (and felt more full) during the workout and that was a much better choice than just having peanut butter or cheese on the bagel.

This wasn’t an ideal pre-practice meal, but it could have been a lot worse. Other customers were ordering sugar-filled donuts, fat-laden muffins and my personal favorite, the “4 by 4” – which is a coffee with four creams and four sugars. And I am guessing that none of these customers were heading out for a two-hour training session anytime soon! And if they were, the food they just consumed wouldn’t give them enough fuel to last.

So the next time you are stuck having a drive-thru diet, make a healthier choice that will give you the fuel you need to perform on the ice.

Just some food for thought.

~ Your friend and coach,

Kim McCullough, MSc, YCS
Director & Founder, Total Female Hockey


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