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How to wash hockey gear at home

Hockey players are notoriously known for having incredibly smelly equipment.

When Steve from DeadSpin said “Which sport produces the worst smelling athletes when all is said and done? Thinking Hockey has to be #1. Ever smell a hockey bag? Don’t, you’ll throw up in it”

He was right.

But Why? Why does our equipment smell so terrible?

According to Syracuse.com, it is the cause of sweat.

‘Helmets, shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves, skates, shin guards and padded pants, socks, jerseys and athletic supporters: They all soak up moisture and create a welcoming home for bacteria, the silent stink producer that gives hockey its unique bouquet.’

Unfortunately, there is no vaccine yet for terrible hockey odour and so the only solution for now, is washing your equipment.

In this article, HockeyGirlz in partnership with Rink Theads will show you how to properly wash your hockey equipment at home.

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